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Within Global Supply Chains where suppliers all work to compete, we have come together to provide you with:

A quality service

The technical 'know how'

Effective delivery

Cost reductions

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There's the Hard Way...

and the easy way!


Welcome to KAHA Logistik, we are a small, friendly team with large ambitions; headed up by Karl Harwood, a seasoned logistics professional and recognised industry thought leader with over 22 years practical experience.


We can provide anything from some friendly, free (limited) guidance on incumbent carriers / market rates, help you with any of the activities on the panel opposite right, through to managing your carriers as part of a fully outsourced solution; just imagine having your carrier invoices checked professionally, queries raised, budget controls maintained for you and one aggregated monthly summary – freeing your time, leaving you to do what you you do best.


This is logistics delivered, the easy way. In most cases the savings realised will ensure our fees don’t just become cost neutral; but cost. negative.


We would love to share our experience in order to help your businesses grow, save money and reduce waste whilst always operating with transparency and integrity. Will you come with us?


You know it makes sense…

For more information download the PDF e-brochure below:


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The Customs Network team has over 35 years’ experience in various aspects of the international supply chain. Through supply chain reviews we are committed to enabling clients in driving out unnecessarily high costs of customs duties, recovering overpaid duties whilst ensuring compliance with the complex customs rules and regulations.

To support our supply chain reviews and to assist in achieving duty savings whilst remaining compliant, we provide “Best Practice” import and/or export operational guidance, templates and manuals for businesses to implement or, if preferred, we offer a fully out-sourced import and/or export service operation. This includes the operation and monitoring of all trade facilitation regimes and HMRC reporting. Other service offerings include classification identification, valuation and origin reviews.

Since its inception, Customs Network has worked with multiple household names in manufacturing, retail and logistics. We have saved tens of £millions in customs planning and recovered £millions in overpaid customs duties, whilst ensuring full compliance.


Library Suite is a cloud based automated compliance platform that manages a variety of compliances including; Supply Chain AEO, CTPAT, ISO and Health & Safety.


These whilst are incredibly durable and reporting in real time your compliances they are also able to support incident reporting and supplier compliance.


We could have left it there as competition was already left behind, but, we are always developing and expanding our services. So we have integrated the ability to automate training and reporting within our systems. We can not only manage a businesses internal services, but also those of the total supply chain. We have even enabled an auditor perspective to ease the pain of external auditing. That's right, we manage processes internally including workforce training as well as your auditor and your entire supply chain performances.

Library Suite has integrated compliances to not only operate in isolation but to integrate platforms to perform central reporting in order for the User experience to have a more vivid, wider, rounded, holistic scope visually of what's occurring throughout the business. All of this is available within one easy, single window system. 

Library Suite's Current Product List is as follows:

AEO Edition

CTPAT Edition

Customs Edition

Health & Safety edition

ISO 9000:1 Edition

ISO 14000:1 Edition

ISO 45000:1 Edition

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From professionalising customs declarations operations, to the creation of innovative, secure and efficient customs technology that has led to the development of straight-through processing and self-filing applications, TNETS has reshaped the customs landscape for the benefit of shippers and forwarders, large and small. Unlike any other Customs Processor, TNETS Guarantee their Imports / Exports Entries.

With processing centres in multiple countries across the Asia Pacific region, TNETS can tailor business solutions to your specific requirements to minimize customs processing cost, reduce filing time, improve customs compliance, and provide greater reporting granularity.


TNETS Product list is as follows:



TNETS Intelligent System

SAP & ERP integration

PRR – Customs 360

Company Profile

Lead Customs


MGP Solutions is a tailored solution for company's within International Trade who want to reduce risks in currency exchange, whilst benefitting from fast international payments.

MGP Solutions have supported projects like the Tokyo Games and save millions of pounds in secured rates.

If you are trading internationally and are making payments, let us discuss and tailor your payments for a better trading experience. 

MGP Solutions

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