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Why is having a professional brokerage important?

Whether you are importing or exporting goods, is it very important that you have a professional Customs Broker manage your Import and Export declarations.

The first reason is that customs at border control will not allow any goods to cross unless all the right paperwork is in order. This paperwork includes documents like your bills of laden, commercial invoice and packing list.


If you are an importer you must recognise that you are and always will be the legally responsible for the goods and how they are presented to Customs. Any deficit, any wrongly applied tariff code, any under paid DUTY or VAT are all directly arriving at your doorstep. So with this in mind, its wise to have the right people, doing the right job.




You might say 'My Freight Forwarder manages all of this for me isn't it their responsibility to do this right? I am paying this after all!'

Unfortunately, Customs Officers are not sympathetic and this does not get you off the hook. You are the legal responsible owner of goods and therefore accountable.

With this in mind it makes sense that if you are paying for a service you might as well have a service completed right first time. You wouldn't want to pay twice now, would you?

TNETs are the largest Customs Entry provider in Asia



My forwarder says changing over will effect the service they provide....

If we had a £1 every time we have heard this almost scripted statement, we would be millionaires already.


You be happy to know that TNETs is able to time and complete and entry within 4 hours of receipt, so we can actually advise you of how long it has taken from an entry being completed to being collected. You will see quite clearly who holds up your supply chain and we will give you all the data you want to demonstrate this.

Blue Bear's partner
TNETs Global provide 
Customs Entries, Auditing Support and more

In an ever changing world within International Trade, Blue Bears partner TNETs Global Customs Entry services will help you to take advantage of these changes, and to keep your business running smoothly. We will work with you to create a system that is tailored to your specific needs, so that you can benefit from accurate and up-to-date information on all your international trade transactions. With TNETs Global Managed Customs Services, you can be sure that your business is run as efficiently as possible, and that you are fully compliant with all relevant customs regulations and legislation.

Why should you speak with TNETs Global about Customs Entries?

TNETs Global complete over $200Bn worth of Customs Entries every year!

With dedicated offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and the UK they have International presence. TNETs are the largest Customs Processing Operation in all of Asia and can provide the quality service and attention that your business deserves.

The big reason why you would want to take your Customs Entries away from your forwarder is not only is it guaranteed to be completed correctly, but it will leave you able to negotiate better rates for your Freight Movements. This is where Kaha Logistik can support you.

TNETs complete over  $200bn worth of entries

per year!



Ask us about managing

goods into Europe and

UK Post Brexit!

Concerned that your Entries are NOT ACCURATE?

We perform Tariff Code and Customs Entry Audits 

Find out more about Customs

Fines and Shipping Fines here

A quality service doesn't have to cost you the earth!

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Free No Upfront Health Checks

Cost Reduction on Customs Entries

Customs Entries that are Guaranteed for quality and accuracy

Download our



+44 203 -951-7917

Ask us about Landed Cost Pricing and our International Multi-Lane

Tariff Reckoner

Would you like a review of your product tariff codes?

You may find you have been overpaying on Duty using the wrong Tariff Codes 

By working with us to support your Customs Processing we can help you reduce your International and Last Mile Freight Costs

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+44 203 951 7917 

Start Your Customs entry journey by completing Blue Bear’s contact form

Are you looking to import or export goods in or out of the UK or into Europe, but are concerned if you have the required processes and standards in place to process your goods through international borders?

Put off by timescales, by cost, or by the amount of admin required to achieve your goals?  


The Blue Bear Partnership have completed many customs projects globally and can help take the heavy lifting away for you. We can even support you with forwarders that want to work to help you achieve your goals at better rates too! 

You are not alone now, we are here to help you!


Simply complete an online form with your requirements and one of our Consultants will be in contact.


We can work with you in various forms whether project manager, co-ordinator or consultative support. Whatever you chose be rest assured you’re with the best! 


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