CTPAT (Customs Trade Against Terrorism)

What is CTPAT & why is it important?

CTPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and it is a Trust -A-Trader Quality Mark for Traders Authorised by CBP (Customs and Border Protection).

CTPAT covers the USA, Mexico and Canadian borders. It is important because it means you will avoid delays whilst importing or exporting goods from overseas.

Not only will it save delays it waivers your need for a Duty Guarantee and this can give the business a massive cash flow injection and a re-investment opportunity.

Blue Bear provide a quality efficient service delivery program that can analyze and assist you with all CTPAT and Customs Compliant Processes.

  • Preparation for CTPAT 2020 alignments and onwards

  • Business analytics and Duty reporting for strategic planning and cost savings

  • Performing accurate and compliant custom entries, declarations, sub-declarations, CPC codes, tariff classifications

  • Tariff code analysis and reclaims

  • Establish rulings on duty


  • Applying for 'Mutual Recognition' with the UK and Europe

  • Provide Customs and Border Protection with the correct documentation required for a complete and compliant service

  • OFAC Checking, Denied List and Force Labour Auditing, Ethical Auditing, Child Protection Checks, Country of Origin Checks worldwide

  • Auditing & monitoring of:

CTPAT Preparations

CTPAT Portal Support


Auditing Warehouse Facilities

Auditing CTPAT Compliance

3rd Party Provider Quality and Performance Auditing

Commodity Code Checks

CTPAT Software Management

Blue Bear provide CTPAT 
Discovery, Support and more

We conduct CTPAT gap assessments so you know how much you need to do to meet the standards.

We can then undertake the project and help create all you need to complete the registration process through to pre-auditing your processes and then accompanying you for the real audit.

We can provide assistance maintaining your registration with CTPAT and provide training awareness for the workforce as well as regular ongoing audits for maintained compliance

We also have dedicated software to manage these processes for you. Just ask us about Library Suites CTPAT Edition!

More reasons why you should speak with a Blue Bear CTPAT Consultant

With over 100+ successful combined CTPAT & AEOS applications over the last 19 years Blue Bear have consistently enabled all including the very large and well known US retailers to become CTPAT Registered. All have benefited from CTPAT in terms of financially, procedurally and operationally.


Gain your CTPAT and have your Bank Guarantees waivered

Over 100 years Customs Compliance and Operations expertise to assist in practical support

We hold a 100% pass rate with all of our Clients!

We provide bespoke services to assist your CTPAT Registration so as to operate freely in the world's trading markets


We have enabled over $200m of cash flow injections to date


Ask us about managing goods into Europe and the UK after Brexit!

Over 100+ successful CTPAT and AEO's completed

Free No-UpFront Health Checks

Why not benefit from talking to us about your strategies for UK's Brexit and 'Mutual Recognition'. Plan now for your future trading internationally!

Download our CTPAT presentation

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Ask us about 'Mutual Recognition' with the UK and Europe!

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Start Your CTPAT journey with Blue Bear’s Funded Online Self-Assessment!

Are you looking to register for CTPAT, but are concerned if you have the required processes and standards in place to be authorised as a Customs Trade Partner Against Terrorism?

Put off by Timescales, by Cost, or by the amount of Admin required to maintain it?  


The Blue Bear Partnership have completed over 100 successful CTPAT and AEO's, releasing over $200 million from Bank Guarantees! With a 100% success rate,  we are offering US Businesses the unique opportunity to start their own CTPAT journey with our Funded Online CTPAT Self-Assessment. No more waiting! No more expensive fees! We wanted to make the CTPAT an opportunity for as many businesses as we can. We have devised a short set of prerequisite questions to save you spending money unnecessarily and an opportunity to contact us if you should have any questions.


Once completed, one of our Consultants will prepare a full CTPAT GAP Analysis & Feedback Report along with a full Project Delivery Plan. We can work with you in various forms whether project manager, co-ordinator or consultative support. Whatever you chose be rest assured you’re with the best! 


For a Full CTPAT Assessment & Analysis Feedback Presentation The Blue Bear Partnership can fund this for $2,500 (normally £5,000) & Travel Costs