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International Trade & Customs Compliance

International Trade 
& Customs Compliance

Blue Bear can monitor and audit all customs accreditations, regimes and processes performed either by your team or by 3rd party's providers. We can do this so they are supported in being compliant and able to work to their optimum. In providing a cost efficient and performing service we can assure you of improvements to your Quality Cost or Delivery.

  • Customs Clearances, Declarations, Tariff, Commodity Code, Valuations, Binding Rulings

  • Commodity Code & Duty Reclaims

  • HMRC Application support for CFSP, AEOC, AEOS, IP, Bonded Warehousing

  • Customs Compliance and Auditing; AEOC, AEOS, Bonded Warehouse Compliance

  • Pre-Management Planned, Unannounced Customs  Replicated Visits

  • Automated Duty Management & Purchase Order Management Systems

  • Automated HMRC Customs Warehouse Inbound / Outbound & Removal /Disposal Declarations supporting WMS Adjustments.

At Blue Bear we are driven by our commitment  and devotion in giving an outstanding and exceptional service to all our clients

Paul Sims. M.D



Maximise Compliance whilst minimising costs

At Blue Bear we work closely within the world of International trade and Customs Compliance. All shipping, import, export businesses are required by law to comply with Customs Regulations. In this regard, not only is there a need to operate with up-to-date processes but there is a need to consider ongoing costs, stock holding and the changes in the UCC Code from May 2016.

  • Blue Bear have a  provision to provide a quality efficient service that can analyse and assist with all HMRC Customs Compliant Processes such as;


  • Being Brexit Ready and Strategically aligned for 2019 onward

  • Business duty based analytics and reporting for strategic planning and cost savings

  • Performing accurate and compliant Custom Entries, Declarations, Sub-Declarations, CPC Codes, Tariff Classifications

  • Manage virtual warehousing of bonded and non-bonded stock in and out bound for updating WM systems

  • Provide HMRC the correct documentation required for a complete and compliant service

  • Bonded Warehouse, CFSP regimes and C117 / C118 AEOC / AEOS application support

  • AEOC, AEOS, Bonded Warehouse, CFSP and Customs Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

  • 3rd Party Provider Quality and Performance Auditing

  • Commodity Code Reviews, Reclaims & Applications for HMRC Rulings.

Blue Bear Adding-Value within HMRC Processes:


We assess gaps in processing and in data information to actively seek to reduce costs, increase cash flow and to maximise your profits.


We can provide assistance in reducing shipping and logistical costs that have been identified.

We will provide on-going support to enhance performance, maximising profits and to reduce costs.     


More reasons why you should speak with Blue Bear


With over 50+ AEOC & AEOS successful applications over the last 7 years Blue Bear have consistently enabled all including very  large and well known UK retailers to become AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Accredited. Such businesses have been benefiting from; Guarantee Waivers,

Cash Flow injections, Mutual Recognition across the Atlantic


We are connected with over 100 years Customs Compliance and Operations expertise to assist in practical support.  


We can provide a bespoke service to assist your AEO accreditation so as to operate freely in the world's trading market.


We can measure your success as part of our KPI’s to you on for our performances.

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