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Before you begin

Pre-Requisite for Completing the following questions:


We normally like to spend a maximum of one day per site to complete our International Trade and Customs Compliance Check.  


In order for your company to obtain maximum benefit from our time on site, we would recommend that you return a completed version of this simple Pre-visit Questionnaire before we arrive.

A completed Questionnaire will enable us to carry out a comprehensive and expeditious review. This in turn will greatly assist us in establishing your current levels of compliance and identify opportunities going forward in terms of potential savings and service enhancements.


Question 1.

Where are you importing from?

Supplier Country


Country of origin (if different)


Question 2.

Do you ‘Manufacture’ or Process Products?  

Question 3.

Who classifies your products for HMRC Duty purposes? (please tick as appropriate)

Question 4.

Have you applied for BTI’s to assist in Classification?

Question 5.

What is your Import duty spend per annum?

Question 6.

What is your Import VAT spend per annum?

Question 7.

Do you currently receive any duty preference?

Question 8.

Do you have a duty deferment account?

Question 9.

 If Yes, do you operate Simplified Import VAT Accounting?

Question 10.

If applicable, What is the annual cost of your deferment account?

Question 11.

What is your monthly deferment facility?

Question 12.

If no, what is your annual cost for Duty advancement fees?

Question 13.

Do you operate any of following?

Question 14.

 If yes to any of above, is the process managed by

Question 15.

What ERP/MRP system do you use?

Question 16.

Does your ERP/MRP system currently interface with any Customs reporting systems?

Question 17.

How many times does your stock turn around per annum within your warehouse?

Question 18.

What is the approximate value of product  (whilst in your warehouse)?

Question 19.

 Where do you export, sell to?

Customer Country


Country of origin (if different)


Question 20.

Approximately, what percentage of your imported product is sold

Question 21.

How many import shipments do you receive per annum?

Question 22.

How many export shipments do you despatch per annum?

Question 23.

How many freight forwarders do you use?

Question 24.

When did you last receive an HMRC Audit?

Select an option

Question 25.

Have you had (within the last 3 years) any Customs compliance fines/ penalties issued by HMRC?

Select an option

Question 26.

Do you currently operate under any specific quality standard 

Select An Option

Question 27.

Do you have a dedicated software system to manage these accreditations?  If So, What is it called?

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USA 888-595-1960 Toll Free

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