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Why Choose Blue Bear

We take a pragmatic approach towards our clients and offer a bespoke service tailored to solution based service. We always and foremost consider your organisations values, culture and people. Our work can be chosen from the menu of services available as an outsource function; whether as a short term intervention or a full Supply Chain Review.

Our clients benefit from our independent 'business health checks and compliance audits'. From this we can provide a real analysis to ascertain Real areas of Risk, Improvement and Resolution. We can efficiently and sensitively highlight gaps with strategic resolution planning to enable Process Improvements to aid your competitive edge. We thus believe we have a unique 'value-added tool' for organisations covering operational, legal, commercial liabilities.


We hold a range of specialisms within the partnership to support you with a wide range of Supply Chain Solutions. From an initial scoping, we can outline with you the type and level of support processes you require for positive solutions.

We are unique as we work with a range of qualified specialists within Supply Chain to offer end to end analysis, with specific skill sets to achieve certain success.

Your investment is really an investment in your business as our costs provide you with year on year 'deliverables'. We believe we are the 'one of a kind' consultancy firm, that looks to make your thought of improved quality Cost and Delivery a reality.

Paul Sims, MD

Start your AEO journey today

Thank you for taking time to look through our services and to see how Blue Bear can benefit your organisation.

Why not see what we can do for your business?

We are sure that you'll find us a positive and refreshing change to your consultancy experience. Client's receive honest, truthful advice, setting them up for the best possible outcome  
Paul Sims
MD of The Blue Bear Partnership



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