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Client Reviews

" Blue Bear worked on our AEO application at The White Company, providing wise counsel and specialist advice during the application and audit phases that ensured a successful approval from HMRC. Paul was a pleasure to work with, a calming presence with lots of practical input". 


Current Client List

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Start Your AEO journey 

with Blue Bear’s Online Self-Assessment!

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Are you looking to apply for HMRC’s Customs AEO, but are concerned if you have the required processes and standards in place to be authorised as the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)? Are you put off by Timescales, by Cost, or by the amount of Admin required to maintain it?  


Blue Bear has completed over 50 successful AEO's, releasing over £200 million released from Bank Guarantees! With a 100% success rate,  we are offering UK Businesses the unique opportunity to start their own AEO journey with our AEO Self-Assessment. No more waiting! No more expensive fees! We wanted to make the AEO an opportunity for as many businesses as we can. We have devised a short set of prerequisite questions to save you spending money unnecessarily and an opportunity to contact us if you should have any questions.


Once completed, one of our Consultants will prepare a full AEOC GAP Analysis & Feedback Report along with a full Project Delivery Plan. We can work with you in various forms whether project manager, co-ordinator or consultative support. Whatever you chose be rest assured you’re with the best! 


For a Full AEO Assessment & Analysis Feedback Presentation Blue Bear Solutions click the button below...

Want to know the costs of

End To End Supply Chain Consultancy

Here at Blue Bear we are proud to be unlike any consultancy firm that you've dealt with before. We are passionate about business and people. We understand that 'people' are the difference between success and failure in business.


At Blue Bear we have a wide scope of services to compliment the various departments, processes and internal services required within an organisation. We believe knowledge should be shared, so as part of our services we offer training and development to sustain the knowledge and support your organisations growth.


Authorised Economic Operator Scheme

If you’re involved in the international supply chain and currently carry out customs-related activities throughout the European Union, you might want to consider applying for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status, no matter what size of business you operate.

Depending on the type of certificate you apply for, benefits can include easier access to certain customs simplifications or facilitations from safety controls and customs security. There are numerous AEO certificates that you might want to start researching, so you know you’re applying for the one that will suit your business best – although a UK business consultancy firm can help you with this and offer you advice on which may be most appropriate for you and your brand.

We have enabled over £200m of cash flow injections to date

Ask us about

being 'AEO Ready' in just 60 days!


Are you thinking of expanding or selling directly into the USA, Canada or Mexico?

The CTPAT will be essential in order to enable your stock to pass seamlessly through these borders.  We have a great number of years experience within this are and can support your application as USA based CTPAT experts! 

This is a CPAT graphic showing th standard of North Amercian Safe and Secure Supply Chains.
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Free International Trade & Supply Chain Compliance Health Check
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Maintain YOUR AEO & CTPAT with
Library Suite

Library Suite is a 'Live Library' that will automate the monitoring, reviewing and maintenance required for compliance processes.
Some Great Features
  • Stores all file types in a safe and secure AWS environment.
  • Calendar Prompts.
  • E-Sign and automatic Training Matrix recordings.
  • Cloud-based, which enables company wide reporting, for multi-department, multi-site operations anytime and anywhere.


Library Suite Editions

This image is a Library Suite H&S Full Green Logo
This is a Library Suite ISO 90001 Blue Full Logo
This is a Library Suite Full Grey Red Logo highlighting th AEO work we do within Customs Compliance
CTPAT Grey Blue Transparent Background Logo.png
This is a Library Suite logo of our CTPAT software which indentifies the work we do in North America
This is a Library Suite ISO 140001 Yellow Grey Full Logo showing the work we do in ISO quality
With unique features such as
Live Compliance
Audit Ready' files
Library Suite will can keep you compliant, whilst reducing admin costs and increasing workforce productivity.
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