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Frictionless Trade Plans Post-Brexit Rejected By EC President

The European Commission (EC) president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has rejected Theresa May’s proposals for frictionless trade between the UK and the EU after Brexit has taken place.

Although he said that the EC does respect the UK’s decision to leave the EU, it is important that the British government understands that leaving the Union means the UK cannot maintain the same “privileged position” that the member states do, Yahoo News reports.

Speaking to MEPs in Strasbourg, Mr Juncker spoke out against the prime minister’s plans for ensuring that trade flows and no hard border in Ireland is established after Brexit by keeping the UK in the single market for products.

“If you leave the Union, you are of course no longer part of our single market and certainly not only in the parts of it you choose,” he went on to say.

Ms May’s plans include a proposal for EU rules to be accepted on goods by the UK so as to avoid border checks and maintain the ‘just in time’ supply chain, which many businesses have come to rely on.

According to the news source, the EU believes that if the UK is allowed to continue to benefit from the free movement of goods while not accepting the free movement of labour, services and capital would result in other nations looking for their own bespoke deals, ultimately bringing an end to the single market.

Director at The Blue Bear Partnership Paul Sims commented on the news, saying: “With Brexit looming in March 2019, only six months away, how Brexit-ready UK business are is very worrying.

“There are still only a few hundred businesses holding the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) kitemark from Customs! The question is, how badly will the remaining businesses be affected post-Brexit trying to import and export into the UK without it?

Delays, lost Sales, costs for storage, inspection delays – this are all potential issues facing those businesses without AEO.”

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